Natural Finish Cashmere Blend Jacketing 300g

$41.60 $0.00


Natural Finish Cashmere Blend Jacketing 300g

$41.60 $0.00
About this product

Cashmere 5% Lambswool 95% | 300g | Jacketing Natural | Made in England

For more information on our fabrics please send us an e-mail at or call on +44 1924 350070.

Please note typically 2.50/3.00 mt. is required for jackets and 3.50/4.00 for suits. Please consult the garment maker for your personal requirement.

Duties and taxes paid.

Product Code - A433SD-0014-000F-L02
Product Code - A433SD-0014-000G-L02
Product Code - A433SD-0014-000H-L02
Product Code - A433SD-0027-000A-L02
Product Code - A433SD-0029-000A-L02
Product Code - A433SD-0033-000A-L02
Product Code - A433SD-0034-000A-L02
Product Code - A433SD-0036-000A-L02



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