Established in 1767, Joshua Ellis celebrates a distinguished heritage of British manufacturing with a steadfast reputation for luxury and quality.



As the home of industrialised textile manufacturing, Yorkshire is famous for giving luxury fabrics to the world.

Our mill towns are the very soul of an industry that has spread across the globe, and at Joshua Ellis we are proud to carry on that tradition, weaving the beauty of our county into every scarf and fabric we produce.


Joshua Ellis was established as a clothier by the Ellis family in 1767 and diversified into woollen textile manufacturing a few years later. Since then it has only been owned by 3 families having been bought by the family owned Bradford based SIL Group in 2007.

Our primary focus as custodians of Joshua Ellis is to protect the working lives of our 60 employees and ensure that we maintain our reputation for quality so it is ready for the next 250 years.


Passionate people are at the very core of Joshua Ellis. Experienced buyers, gifted craftsmen and highly skilled designers, all work together to produce the products for which we are so renowned.

Joshua Ellis supports clients worldwide, exporting to over 23 countries. We regularly visit and meet clients to understand their requirements, building relationships that stand the test of time.

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