Our luxury cashmere goes beautifully hand-in-hand with some of the world's finest fashion brands. See who Joshua Ellis collaborates with, here.


Rosie Sugden x Joshua ellis

Introducing our Rosie Sugden x Joshua Ellis collaboration.
We’ve honed in on our “Hero” Winter styles and combined them with Rosie’s distinctive colour palette. Quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of both brands therefore the collection was designed, knitted, and woven in the UK. Working with our own mill and Rosie’s small, family run mills, ensure the most sustainable and ethical supply chain. This is truly the coming together of two textile powerhouses.


We’ve been working with our good friend David Evans of Grey Fox Blog and Grey Fox Style to put together a small capsule collection of four classic scarves. David is a great enthusiast for British-made products and he spent some time with us at our mill in Yorkshire reviewing the 21 production processes each scarf goes through under the watchful eye of our craftsmen who have inherited their skills from previous generations for the past 250 years.

The scarves he's selected are a fusion of the best of British manufacture and classic styling that complements any look, formal and casual.


We have been working with Simon Crompton, world-renowned fashion blogger, to develop a new cloth for luxury sports jacket aimed at those who like the finer things in life.

Simon meticulously browsed through our wondrous archives, searching for something that would match his requirements perfectly, subtle colours to create a muted classic.

He then created a cloth and weave which he absolutely loved, in three versatile colours.

Read the full story here

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