How to wear your cashmere scarf or cashmere stole

How to wear your cashmere scarf or cashmere stole

How to wear your cashmere scarf or cashmere stole

Depending on where you are and the environment, there’s probably two categories under which you can wear your cashmere stole or scarf - and that’s formal or casual.

If you’re in a formal setting then you’ll naturally be more limited with what you can do, but when it comes to casual dressing you can knot, drape or allow your scarf or stole to simply flow.

Below, we’ve come up with a few great suggestions for each and a video, so that you can make the most of your stole or scarf.

Formal occasions

Firstly, the knot is not the simplest way to wear a stole.

The easiest way to wear a cashmere stole is to allow it to run around your neck neatly and fall in two parallel lines either side of your neck and down your front.

If you do opt for a knot for your stole or scarf, then take a little extra care. A single knot rather than a double one is probably more suitable for a more professional environment such as work.

Another option for the knot is the European loop. The best way to do this is by folding the stole in half lengthwise, then placing it around your neck. A loop will emerge where you can then pull the ends through and tighten as much is needed.

Casual wear

For the most casual look (“Ascot Style”), where you aren’t too concerned about neatness and lines, wrap the stole or scarf around your neck from front to back, so the edges are backwards, before wrapping them back around your neck and bringing them to the front.

What about a simple wrap or what is often referred to as the shoulder shrug style?

You can wrap the stole around your neck so that the edges fall to the front. By then leaving one side over the shoulder, wrap the stole to cover the other shoulder.

Another option we love at Joshua Ellis is the cowl which is easy to do and perfect for those less formal settings. Simply place the scarf or stole around your neck ensuring one end is much shorter than the other.

Then, wrap the long end around your neck twice and tuck in any of the loose ends. If you happen to be using a scarf with fringe, move it about a bit so that some of the fringe is hanging down at the front.

The best way though is to experiment and have a go yourself, because even on a day out, you might be able to tie a cashmere stole around your waist. So have some fun with it too!

To add to our suggestions we’ve included a short video with some examples. See if you can spot one or two of the ideas we’ve mentioned.

If you’d like any information about our cashmere stole or scarf collection, or anything else we’ve discussed in this article, then please get in touch with a member of our team today. It would be great to hear from you.

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