Cashmere Stoles - Frequently Asked Questions

Cashmere Stoles - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cashmere Stole really 100% cashmere?
The best way to check if the Cashmere Stole is 100% cashmere, is by checking online before order, or by reading the stole/scarf label before or after purchase. The purest cashmere is generally a lot lighter and warmer than the other blends.

Where is the Cashmere Stole material from?
The finest pure cashmere can only be found within the fibres of Mongolian goats. The hair used is found under the neck and belly area of the goat. It’s well known that goats carry very little fat, so their coats protect them from the bitter climate.

What is ply and do I need to understand it?
Not necessarily. Ply is a term used to describe the number of strands twisted together to form the yarn. If you have decided to buy a knitted cashmere scarf/stole, then it makes sense to opt for a higher ply. Two-ply means two strands of yarn, and three-ply means three strands of yarn.
The majority of luxury cashmere stoles are woven, and this process does not use the ply system.

How important is the colour of the Cashmere Stole?
Each taste is different and each person has different views. At Joshua Ellis, we have a variety of Cashmere Stoles to meet the various requirements. So whether you’re dining, attending a meeting, or going somewhere and expected to dress causally, we’re sure to have the perfect Cashmere Stole to match.

What does the Cashmere Stole feel like?
High-quality cashmere should feel soft, while at the same time, luxurious.
If you are buying online this would be difficult to determine, so be sure to read the customer reviews. Another tip is to see if the company in question has a fair returns policy.

Does the Cashmere Stole drape well?
How might the Cashmere Stole drape when worn? Study the images online which should provide you with all the answers. If you’re in-store, try before you buy, so that you are happy with the look and feel.

Is the cashmere stole responsibly produced
Start by looking at the price, because the most expensive Cashmere Stole isn’t always the best in quality.
That said, a high quality ethically produced Cashmere Stole is unlikely to be cheap. So research and compare with other places.

The quickest and easiest way to find out about a brand's ethics, is to take a look on your phone. The “About” page should tell you all you need to know about that brand and how they work.

Am I buying from a specialist cashmere brand?
If you want the best quality Cashmere Stole make sure that you do plenty of research and only purchase from a brand that specialises in cashmere.

If a Cashmere Stole is an added extra to the rest of a brand’s collection, then it’s probably not a brand that lives and breathes cashmere.

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Cashmere Stoles - Frequently Asked Questions
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Cashmere Stoles - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cashmere Stole really 100% cashmere?The best way to check if the Cashmere Stole is 100% cashmere, is by checking online before or...

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