Cashmere stole: Commuting to Work in Style

Cashmere stole: Commuting to Work in Style

Welcome to autumn, that in-between time of year, where it’s hard to judge what the weather will do, and even harder to judge what to wear.

It’s not too cold, yet it’s not quite mild enough to commute without a coat.

The cashmere stole is the perfect accessory to inject a little more life into your autumn wardrobe range.

Not only is our range soft and luxurious, it adds all the relevant colour and tonal trends associated with this time of the year, and in the run up to Christmas.

So, while it might feel like we’ve been in the depths of autumn for weeks due to a lack of summer, the season only “officially” started a few weeks ago.

At Joshua Ellis, regardless of the season, we are committed to creating the perfect cashmere stole for our vast and varied customer range.

Cashmere stoles are a unique yet timeless addition to any wardrobe. This luxurious fabric is named after nomadic goats that inhabit the Kashmir region of northern India, Nepal, and the Himalayan mountains, and our collections tend to be produced biannually as we work collaboratively with clients on numerous bespoke designs.

The best advice we can provide you with is to browse through our site, where you’ll see a selection of cashmere stoles we think you might like for this season and beyond…..

Cashmere stole collection

The stole can be used either as a “cover up” or as a scarf, and would be the ideal accessory on your morning commute to and from the office.

Regardless of the season and time of day, you may need to keep your neck covered. Even the smallest little gap in your armour is capable of sending chills tingling down your spine.

Two soft autumn cashmere classics you might like are the Primary Blackwatch Cashmere Stole and Windowpane Cashmere Stole, which are both gorgeously crafted and available in different crisp autumnal colours.

These unisex cashmere stoles can go with or without your winter coat or denim jacket, and are perfect for informal or formal settings.

If you’re searching for that more elegant look our tweed cashmere stole selection blends together slightly less colours, but the finish is just as impressive.

The end product is also spectacular, with often a lighter or darker tone on one side.
Our tweed range includes five beautiful tweed cashmere stoles for you to choose from, ranging from orange, yellows and purples, to cream and darker brown shades.

Our history

We were established in 1767 which means that we have been in existence for almost as long as the cashmere stole itself.

Our cashmere stoles are made from natural fibres and each fibre is treated with the respect it deserves. Our work is then exported from our Yorkshire base, to over 23 countries throughout the world.

Every one of our stoles goes through at least 21 different processes before it is deemed perfect for sale, and perfect for you.

Our complete cashmere stole collection can be found here or, if you have a query regarding anything we’ve discussed, or would like further information, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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