Looking Ahead: Preparing for the Summer Staycation

Looking Ahead: Preparing for the Summer Staycation

Who’d have thought that 18 months ago, terms such as “staycation” “working from home” and “holidays at home” would become the norm.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed customer behaviour, which means we’ve had to be nimble and adapt too.

“The great British public will be looking for things like picnic blankets, travel blankets or even throws for their cars, as they embark on more localised travel,” explains *Alex Hogarth

“There’s predicted to be a surge in people who descend on coastal towns, villages and opt for city breaks, rather than going abroad.

“There will be little UK hotspots where the customer may require a throw, blanket or stole, which perhaps they didn’t think about 12-18 months ago when they travelled abroad.”

Family holidays, little day trips, and staycations in the UK may well require you to look for a throw for the car, or picnic blanket. On top of this, if people continue to work remotely in the medium to long term, there may also be a pull towards other blankets and a focus on making the home that little bit more special.

“This year we’ve gone with the staying in and comfort theme.” says Alex

“We have used bright colours of course, but we’ve teamed them with soft colours as well which has given it a completely different feel.”

Staycation holidays: thinking trans-seasonal

Before launching a product or range, we follow a process that includes extensive research. All of our products and accessories, including our cashmere throws and cashmere stoles are inspired by our natural surroundings, and Yorkshire in particular. We only work with natural fibres like cashmere, lambswool and linen and silk.

We’ve also though, noticed that people are certainly thinking more trans-seasonal than previously, something that **Alex* says might be here to stay.

“A spring type product is more aesthetically pleasing,” says *Alex. “Whereas one of our winter collections, may well be worn anytime, because it is both aesthetically sound but also functional.”

How we work and plan ahead because of things like “staycations” and “working from home” has altered somewhat.

As a heritage brand people come to us because they know what to expect. At the same time and because of an ever-changing market, particularly in the last 12 months, we have a commitment to that, and our customers’ needs.

As we look ahead to winter 2021 and beyond, you can be sure though that we will not only remain true to our roots, traditions and values, but also place the customer at the heart of all that we do.

If you have a question about anything we have discussed in this article, our range, or how we might be able to assist you this spring, summer and beyond, then do get in touch with a member of our team today, we’d welcome your feedback.

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