Interview with Homeware Designer

Interview with Homeware Designer

 In light of the release of our new homeware collection, designed to add a touch of enduring luxury to your home, we spoke with Joshua Ellis Designer, Penny Lovatt, to find out more about the creative process behind these beautifully crafted pieces.

With years of experience in the textile industry and a talent for crafting best-selling scarves and stoles, Penny collaborated with the design team to bring this collection to life.


Describe the homeware collection in 3 words.

Classic / Adaptable / Endearing

What was your approach when designing for the homeware collection?

Cashmere is an investment, something that will last for years to come, so, when it came to designing a homeware collection, we knew it had to fit in with our customers’ existing design schemes.
We carried out a lot of research to identify the most popular and ensuring shades in interior design. By considering new trends, and our historical bestsellers, we aimed to create a collection that offered a variety of compositions, colours, weights, and designs to appeal to everyone.
We incorporated ‘on trend’ elements such as overchecks, detailing, tartans and included classic shades like camels, greys and creams etc. too.

What materials have been used and why?

To appeal to a wider audience and to make Joshua Ellis luxury more accessible, we’ve incorporated various compositions and weights to cater to different price points. This is why this collection features a selection of cashmere, lambswool and Alpaca blends.
Natural fibres are superior compared to synthetic alternatives as they last longer, feel nicer and keep you warmer.

How does this stand out in the market, from a design perspective?

Every blanket we design, has its own personality, setting it apart from competition. Some are fringed, some have blanket stitches in a plethora of assorted colours. There truly is something for everyone.  
These pieces showcase our signature quality and craftsmanship, solidifying our expertise. There's truly nothing comparable on the market.

What makes this collection better than previous Joshua Ellis collections?

With every collection, we only get better. We learn from our last collection what went well, what didn’t go as well, and really listen to our customer feedback. Taking this information into the design room helps us create magical new collections.
In this collection, we have included classics in the muted shades however, we have been a bit more experimental, using daring colour combos that we’re sure customers will appreciate.

How can these throws be styled in different settings?

Due to varying weights and constructions our throws have more drape than others. Therefore, some are more suited to lying flat or folded when not in use whereas others look great casually hanging off the back of a chair.
For instance, our double face blanket is usually heavier and offering more flexibility in terms of colour, could be used as a reversible picnic blanket in the summer or draped around a chair as a statement styling piece.
On the other hand, our lighter blankets have more drape making them the perfect blanket to ‘snuggle’ up with. This blanket can be laid over a bed or can also double as an elegant shawl on those cooler evenings.
This collection also features a wider range of our stunning and durable duffle blankets, ideal for cars, beach use, or decorative home accents.

Which is your favourite design? Why?

This year my favourite is the duffle blanket. It feels like a new classic, like the duffle coat! The contrasting blanket stitch is a delightful touch. I’m confident most will agree they’re beautiful.  

Is any of the collection sustainable?

As a company, we strive to minimise waste. For this collection, we have utilised leftover yarn, often in vibrant colours, to create beautiful pieces that would otherwise be discarded. This practice contributes to the collection's sustainability and limited availability, making each piece more unique.

What are you working on next?

As designers, we are always one step ahead. In the coming weeks, we’ll begin work on our next scarf collection for 2025. However, customers won’t have to wait that long for new arrivals! Our Autumn/Winter 2024 collection is complete and launches later this year which is very exciting.
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