Vicuna and Cashmere, the exclusive Joshua Ellis blend

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VICASH ‘10% Vicuna & 90% Baby Cashmere’, a truly luxurious coating fabric with exquisite drape, sheen & handle. The Vicash quality exclusive to Joshua Ellis, is designed & crafted by a team of highly skilled experts and blends together two of the world’s most sought-after fibres. 

The vicuna, native of the high Andean plateaus, produces the rarest and most expensive fibre in the world. This small, wild and untamed graceful camelid produces an incredibly fine, light, soft and luxurious fleece to keep it warm in the freezing altitudes. For centuries it was poached almost to the level of extinction, until the 1960s when steps were taken to protect the animal and the animals are now carefully shorn every three years.

Joshua Ellis has been weaving cashmere and noble fibres for over 250 years, into the most luxurious fabrics and accessories. Designed and manufactured in West Yorkshire, the company has an enviable reputation for handcrafting qualities for leading international fashion brands and design houses.


Vicuna is the finest hair on the planet with a diameter of 12.5-13 microns. Joshua Ellis expertly combines this rare fibre with the finest baby Chinese Cashmere to produce their quality VICASH.

Fully stock supported and available in a range of colours, the Joshua Ellis VICASH range is unsurpassed in its superb quality and richness.

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