Cashmere Care Guide: Can you iron cashmere?

Cashmere Care Guide: Can you iron cashmere?

Cashmere being a delicate fibre, requires gentle treatment to maintain its luxurious texture and appearance. High quality cashmere can be spotted by its natural crease resistance – the better quality, the less likely to wrinkle. This means that at Joshua Ellis, our cashmere products don’t usually need to be ironed when stored flat and follow our after-care requirements.

However, even the highest quality cashmere can be creased if tightly screwed up, or has folds pressed strongly into it - this is something to be aware of when packing for a holiday or storing away your cashmere accessories for summer (we recommend hanging your cashmere, or if it needs folding, fold it around another garment). 

We understand that creases may happen and although cashmere does tend to settle back to its original shape if it is just left to lie flat, that could mean overnight, but it could also be a week or two, depending on the creasing. Here are some tips to ensure you iron your cashmere pieces with care, should you need to:


Gentle Steam.

One of the simplest ways to remove creases in your favourite cashmere scarves and stoles is by using a hand-steamer.

Lay your cashmere flat on a table or hanging on a wooden hanger. Lightly, steam from a few inches away and allow the warm, humid air do most of the work.

This should allow the creases to relax, although if not, slightly turn up the heat on the steamer and slowly move it closer. Should the crease prove too stubborn, ironing may be more efficient.



When you’re desperate to get your creased cashmere looking perfect to wear the same day, ironing is the most efficient and quickest method. When ironing cashmere, take extra precautions and turn your iron to its coolest setting (or cashmere/wool setting if your iron has one).

Place your scarf, stole or blanket flat and lay a cloth (cotton is best) over the top of it. Take your time to glide the iron over the cloth, avoiding adding any pressure.

This combination should remove those more stubborn creases. However, if this doesn’t work, use a cloth which has been soaked in water and wrung out so it’s just damp. This acts as a heat exchanger so you can slightly turn up your iron and get those deep creases out.



Remember, patience is key when dealing with stubborn creases, so if you’re cashmere has deep creases, you may be tempted to lay it flat and place something heavier over the top, thinking the pressure will flatten it, we recommend just laying it flat. This is because, the fibre needs to “unwind” to return to its natural position and may struggle to this when being pressed.  




Whether you're facing deep creases from rushed packing or simply a bit of wear around the house causing some unusual folds, restoring your cashmere to its original shop-bought state is achievable with the right approach. Whichever method you choose for decreasing your cashmere, taking care is paramount to avoid damaging its delicate fibres. With these tips in mind, you can ensure your cashmere remains pristine for years to come.

For further information or advice on cashmere care, please contact our customer service team at




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