New machinery opening up new opportunities

New machinery opening up new opportunities

In our pursuit of growth and innovation, Joshua Ellis has recently taken a significant stride forward with a substantial investment in a state-of-the-art Picanol jacquard loom.  

Adding to our collection of traditional machinery, our new jacquard loom opens up a world of possibilities for us. It allows us to craft intricate designs with precision and finesse, enabling us to fulfil bespoke orders for both retail and wholesale clients.

This transformative addition not only enhances our production capabilities but also broadens our design horizons, allowing us to evolve our rich textile heritage seamlessly into the 21st century.

Here are a few words from

Our Managing Director, Oliver Platts,

"We are thrilled to introduce this advanced machinery into our production process. It not only upholds our reputation for excellence but also positions us for remarkable growth in an increasingly competitive market. Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed a surge in demand for bespoke jacquard work, and this investment ensures that we can not only compete with our rivals but also surpass our customers' expectations in terms of design.”

Our designer, Penny Lovatt,

"Investing in this new loom is an extraordinary decision for the company. As a designer, the new loom opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing me to experiment with designs that were previously unattainable on our older Dobby loom. Expect to see more stunning and experimental designs in our future collections."

Our production manager,

"It's an exciting time on the production floor, everyone is so impressed with the arrival of the brand-new loom. It’s a fantastic reflection of all the Joshua Ellis staff’s hard work paying off. Having worked with the new machine, I can confidently say it's a pleasure to work with and has already demonstrated its positive impact on our production floor."


The new loom was made possible thanks to investment by SIL Group.

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